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The Artists

Don't see what you are looking for on our website... Email me and I will gladly email you pictures of any piece in inventory.

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H885-2, by Ian fender, San Ildefonso Pueblo, $35 (height=2.5 inches, width=2 inches)


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#H762-1, by Noreen Simplicio, Zuni Pueblo, $550 (height=6.25 inches, width=5.5 inches)


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#H219, by Wilma Baca Tosa, Jemez Pueblo, $2500 (height=8, width=10.75 inch)


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H173, by Alice Cling, Navajo, $440 (height=8.75 inches, width=5.25 inches)



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#H247, by Pahponee, Kickapoo/Potawatomi, $400 (height=5 inches, width=3.5 inches)


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#G785-1, by Randall Chitto, Choctaw, $1250 (height=10 inches, width=7.5 inches)


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#G259-1, by Annie Baca, Santa Clara Pueblo, $80 (height=1.25 inches, width=1.75)



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#G500, by Michael Kanteena, Laguna Pueblo, $325 (height=8.5 inches, width=6 inches)



IMG_0125.JPG (2444257 bytes) IMG_0126.JPG (2404270 bytes)

#H723 front and back, by Glendora Fragua, Jemez Pueblo, $395 (diameter=3.25 inches)



IMG_0142.JPG (2198419 bytes) IMG_0143.JPG (2367759 bytes)

#H722-1, by Glendora Fragua, Jemez Pueblo, $395 (height=2.5 inches, width=1.75 inches)


If you don't see the particular artist you are looking for, please check our list of artists, or contact us.

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